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01 February 2017

Stock indices are at, close to or above all time highs and rising. Are we "missing out" by being in cash? We might be, but then again might not be. This is the problem with the situation as it currently is, we cannot refer to any precedent in past history to give us even a semblance of an idea of what might happen next as protectionism takes hold in the US. Will the Euro zone hold together or will an "every man for himself" attitude take hold and the zone torn apart. French elections are upcoming and one of the leading candidates is campaigning on a platform to take France out of the Euro, so the imminent demise of the Eurozone is not as fanciful as it might at first appear. Staying in cash may seem to some to be a bit over cautious, but only the foolish will step in a pool the depth of which is unknown.

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