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03 January 2017

And so to 2017 - now what? - a new US President - UK "Brexit" to begin - what next for the US/China/Europe/Russia - nobody really knows - wars rage in the "middle east" - the so called "experts" got it mostly wrong in 2016 - they seem to be as out of touch with the peoples of their countries as the politicians appear to be - we now have what is becoming known as "post truth politics" where politicians will tell you anything you want to hear in order to get your vote, and then tell you something different when you oblige - nothing much new in that - politicians who tell lies have been about as long as politicians and lies have been about - how does all of this affect our investments? - nobody can possibly know - anyone who puts forward the view that they do is little more than a snake oil salesman - staying in cash would appear to be the best current investment on the basis that it is better to earn little or nothing than it is to lose a lot.

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