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03 March 2016

Is the world heading for a downturn again? China is slowing and has been for quite some time. Data from the US seems to indicate that they might be having a bit of a struggle to avoid a technical recession. Markets seem unsure and volatile. The situation exists for parts of Europe to be overwhelmed by immigration from the Middle East and North Africa - the UK may leave the EU - the US would seem to be on the cusp of voting for a completely unknown quantity in Mr Trump as President - would it be good or bad? which creates uncertainty - add into that interest rates that are at historical lows or even negative - and you have a recipe for a lot of volatility going forward - these are some of the most challenging circumstances outside of global war that investors will ever have to face.

If we have learned anything about the world however it is that it is ever changing - so what looks bleak now may look completely different in a few months time.

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