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04 February 2016
CRUDE OIL (again)

The story at the moment is OIL, results from the big players, most recently BP and Shell are terrible due to the collapse in oil prices, short interest in oil forwards are at record levels, oil producing countries are feeling a lot of pain as the drop in Income means they cannot balance budgets. Saudi Arabia (who started this price decline by pumping more oil than the world required to try and destroy the US shale industry) had to take almost $100bn from their investments to shore up their budgets and clearly they cannot keep doing that. Smaller oil explorers/producers are in a "bombed out" condition reflected by their share prices. However, in that rubble are small oil & gas companies who are well managed, who are doing relatively okay, and who will be well placed when the upturn comes. The financial press overlooks these as they concentrate on larger companies and do not take the time to study in any depth the smaller oil & gas  explorer/producers.

So, ask yourself this question: "If producing countries are not able to balance their budgets, if short interest in oil futures are at record levels, if oil companies are cutting back on further exploration to the tune of $bns, what is the only logical thing that can happen next?

Savvy oil investors are already raking in the afore mentioned rubble, and both Russia and Saudi Arabia are talking about production cuts. Get out your rake.

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