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01 October 2014

The German economy is slowing and unemployment has risen. As this is the major economic driver for the Eurozone this is not good news. Add this to the US which is to say the least sluggish in its recovery, a Chinese economy  which seems almost static if not actually retreating, Russia going through a difficult period not assisted by sanctions, and the ongoing and seemingly growing violence in the Middle East which may eventually have an impact on Oil prices and it can readily be seen that investment outlook is clouded by considerable uncertainties.

If you have not already done so it might be worth taking your profits off the table and returning to cash, we have all had a good run recently. Those of you of a more adventurous disposition might look at developing a "special situations" portfolio where you look to sell "overvalue" on the basis that it will return to "fair value" which will be helped if we are in for a period of market volatility. For the rest of you just sit tight and wait. 

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