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01 May 2013

Things seem to be calmer for now and the markets continue to rise. We have had a small dip which some of you may have taken advantage off. It would appear the the long awaited Bull market is now under way (you never know until well after the start) and if history is anything to go by will last for many years. Those of you getting ready to reinvest your profits from the past few months should be looking at positioning yourselves for the long haul. Fortunes will be made in the next few years for those who have taken the time to hone there investing skills. Those of you who have been waiting on the sidelines for confirmation that the recession is over should have a list of your target companies ready to go, together with what represents a value in terms of share price. Remember, it is a risk to get in early at the better prices but it is also perhaps a larger risk to get in late when you are "sure" about things as by then the "train may have left the station". Whatever you do the best of luck. 

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