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01 August 2012
Are Germany Wavering?

Are Germany coming to the view that they would be better off leaving the Euro and reverting back to the Deutschmark? They might be.

Latest opinion polls are suggesting that a majority of the German population wish to do just that. Can you blame them, they work hard, pay their taxes and can retire at 67 only to see their hard won gains going to support countries where, historically, they have not worked hard, not paid their taxes, and can retire as early as 55. All it would take is for one major German political party to adopt leaving the Euro as a policy and the great political experiment that is the Euro would be finished.

How does this help us as investors? It creates rare opportunities for those willing to do the research and have to courage to pick the time to invest. We live in historic times, these events unfolding before us will be picked over in Economic/History texts 100 years from now and the resulting opportunities will be viewed as once in a lifetime events.

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