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01 June 2019GETTING READY (Part 1)

The major indices all fell last month as the market uncertainty continues so perhaps we should talk about the psychology of buying a share that has fallen perhaps quite considerably, and perhaps very quickly, in a market crash. Firstly, as has been said before, you should be using this time of uncertainty to compile a list of all those companies that you think would be a good investment according to your own criteria. It is perhaps worth repeating that perfectly good companies who are trading normally or have hit a temporary blip, will be dragged down along with every other share in the event of a market collapse, and this is where our opportunity lies. We are in cash so have plenty funds patiently waiting.
So study your list of candidates and place a price where you believe you would be buying a bargain if you were offered that price. Set up an alert system so that you will automatically be notified if one of your companies fall to that price. Before buying check for any market announcements to ensure that the fall is not due to company specific issues and you will be ready.


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