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Q. How do I find companies to invest in?

A. Instructions on how to set up your stock screener are given at the end of the module. From the resulting list start your search.

Q. How is it possible to buy shares for less than they are worth?

A. The markets are irrational, you will see this from the stock screener results.

Q. Is this method of investing risky?

A. It depends on your outlook. You are aiming to put probability of success on your side. It could be said that not taking any risks is the greatest risk of all.

Q. I purchased a share and the price dropped, what should I do?

A. Nothing. You have done your research, have a 5 year view and a price target, and you have purchased a share for less than its NAVPS, so just wait.

Q.I get confused by all of the information streaming from financial TV and print media. How do I get a clear picture?

A. Focus on what you want to do. Information from journalists who earn a living from that profession and not investing is of no interest to you.


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