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 This module will assume that you already have your Capital at a level that you are content with, so we are looking more at an income stream than we are at Capital appreciation. The module will show you how to find the highest yielding shares which also posses the probability of safety and continuity.

If you are holding your savings in standard popular products you will learn how you can move them into areas where you can increase your income by 600% and more.

There are 5 criteria for investing in this area and you will learn about the tools that you require to find suitable candidates for your consideration. You should be able to achieve an annual return of at least 5% on your savings by investing in large main index companies.  The model will show you how to go about finding suitable shares and how indulging in a bit of market timing can transform your returns.

A short section will be devoted to the humble SAVINGS ACCOUNT as many people who do not wish to engage in more sophisticated investments rely on income from this source. A recent example shows how the taking of a few simple steps by an elderly lady increased her income by 600%. If you have a Savings Account you may have the opportunity to achieve a similar performance.

Also included is an ALTERNATIVE investment strategy that is logical, simple to operate, and that you will only need to take action upon once per year per investment. While this carries a higher risk factor, for those of you with little time (or inclination) to do much research this may be ideal for you, and should provide a steady income stream with growth possibilities built in.

A section on setting up your criteria filters will enable you search for the type of companies that will be of interest to you.

As it is better to understand the general concepts of the methodology it is recommended that this module is read after reading the GENERAL module.


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