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 If you are tired of the way that the Finance Industry treats investors with their high charges, low returns, and “smoke and mirrors” offers, then this is for you.

Set out in 84 pages you will find out why the majority of people who invest their hard earned savings with “expert” financial managers have little chance of securing the sort of financial returns that they expect and need to keep them through a long retirement, and what you can do about it.

The Finance Industry is a business, and like any other business its requirement is to make money for itself. Making money for you is somewhat of a secondary consideration. Over the past 10 years the London stock market has been static, yet Fund Managers have been taking around £7bn per year in charges from the people invested with them. As a result, while our Savings have been losing money, Fund Managers have continued to enjoy a lifestyle that we can only dream of courtesy of the charges they impose on us. Check out the market performance in your part of the world.

 How can you hope to make an adequate return under these circumstances?

The answer is that we take control of our own destiny and become our own Fund Manager. This module shows you how. Stock markets around the world are basically irrational, and therein lies opportunity. The ethos of this book is to teach you how to find the situations that are being created all of the time, where you are able to place the odds for success overwhelmingly in your favour by purchasing shares for less than the value of the assets that are backing them. You will learn a methodology that is simple, straightforward and is based upon the way that we behave as we go about our daily lives. Information is power in this business so you will learn how to recognise the difference between an investment that is “good” value, and an investment that is “bad” value. If you think about it, this is about as important a criteria as you can get. You will learn how to look for investments that have the possibility to give you returns far in excess of those being achieved by the average Fund. In short, you will be provided with all of the tools necessary to transform your investing performance and enhance the prospects of making your financial retirement comfortable. Currently the majority of those who retire suffer an immediate 50% drop in income. Do not let that happen to you.

The modules have been priced at a level that should not exclude anyone. It could be the best investment you have ever made.

A Summary of Contents of the Main module includes the following:

Introduction, Why you need to be your own Fund Manager, The Finance Industry and how it operates, the Herd and why you will lose, how to be your own Fund Manager, the characteristics of a share with potential, searching for suitable investments, ten rules of investing, unexpected events and how to handle them, possible current situations with charts (Spring 2011), General Market information, Financial filter criteria, Suggested financial websites, software packages, reading list. And much more.


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