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Your financial future in your hands

Welcome to the BYOFM website and we hope that you find what you are about to read interesting and exciting.

We would stress at the outset that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme; it is an investment methodology that is compelling in its logic.

If you are weary of seeing your investments achieve very little growth, and have a growing concern about your ability as a consequence to finance the type of retirement that you aspire to, then read on.

The financial industry who invest your savings on your behalf, will agree with little of what you are about to read, as it amounts to a fundamental contradiction of almost everything that they do.

There are 3 modules, the MAIN which we suggest you read first to gain the understanding of the methodology, and 2 specialist modules, the OIL module which is a study and a method by which you can invest in this high reward area with reasonable safety, and the HIGH DIVIDEND YIELD module for those who are concerned watching their savings being eaten away by inflation and who wish to gain as much as they can from the Capital they have available.

Please read the description of each of the 3 modules from the menus.

You may feel that the thought of taking your financial future into your own hands is a bit uncomfortable, and this is normal as we all like to operate within “comfort zones”. Full e-mail support and a FAQs page will ensure that you are not alone. If a demand is shown to exist a Forum for each module will be added where you can talk, and swap ideas with other investors.

You need to take responsibility for yourself and your future. If you do not then who will? What you will learn here could transform your financial prospects.

Thank you for visiting the site and whatever you decide to do we wish you well.

Carpe Deim

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