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Historically you would have to say that we are at or near a peak - the bull market has been running for around 10 years now and historically markets do not keep rising for much longer than this. In addition levels of high risk debt have risen above those levels last seen prior to 2008. And if that was not enough the housing market has started to stagnate. A correction/crash may be a while away but in general terms there may not be much value left in stock markets around the world (special situations as always excepted).


01 April 2018ARE WE ON THE EDGE

Are we on the edge of something in the markets? They have become very volatile of late and the Tech giants (FANG) are getting a bit of a hammering for one reason or another. As they are the reason for most of the current multi-year bull market there is reason to be at least concerned. All of you should  have been in cash for some months now and there are no new factors that might change that opinion.

01 March 2018CRASH

Was the crash in the Indices world-wide the start of something bigger or merely a blip? Given that Markets have had the length of advance not seen before we are in new and unknown territory. On that basis (aside from special situations) we remain in cash.

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